Company news

2008/7/31   GPS multilingual navigation                         player on line
Eric software cooperated with Kaohsiung City Shipping Co.,Ltd. Love ships overall mounted with GPS touch multilingual navigation system adopting simutaneously multilingual player provide passengers with higher quality navigation..
2008/06/30   RFID integration system on                           line
Eric software operate Ubiquitous Innovative Services project in YoHo Resort to integrate RFID locks, food & beverage consuming and upgrade services for passengers.
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Eric Software SI Co.,Ltd. Welcome to Eric software , established in 1998.
Initially it thrived for ERP of Hospitality & Manufacture industries.
Through continuous innovation and R&D,it supplies clients with more TI services to improve efficiency.

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What we do

Insisting on services innovation,
Eric has dedicated 10 years to R&D of Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism industries.
It wishes to supply multiple IT services and further integrate information flow effectively to promote service quality.


Eric's solutions & services
a. Long-term programmers for business operation development
b. Hotels MS development
c. RFID/Zigbee/GPS/GPRS integration
d. PM arrangement & operation

What we offer

What can we offer? IT staffs are not easy to maintain. Low IT integrity & difficult outsourcing development of technology integration increase business operation cost. Inquire us when you have problems above. Many public companies,businesses & Taiwanese Bisinesses in China have adopted our IT programmers service project. Operation cost has been controlled effectively.

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